Pascale Maguerez, Artist

Vit et travaille à Lisbonne, Portugal

Lives ans works in Lisboa, Porugal


Born in France in 1959, Pascale Maguerez spent 10 years in Senegal and Ivory Coast where she started art studies.

Back in France she obtained the National Superior Diploma in Fine Arts with distinction in 1983.

Classical French culture and African art have become the opposing poles of her creative imagination.

When painting, she responds to an existential necessity.Maguerez always needs references to corporal things. Because " if one can't feel the body, one should give up painting a picture".

"One painting always refers to another painting", Maguerez further declared, and this, no doubt, is the most convincing message of a work of art which inscribes itself in the continuity of the history of art, and even wider history - that of the painter-subject condemned by the urgency of creation, and an "inner necessity".

Main exhibitions:

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 - Lisbon Opened Studio, Portugal

2011 - Fabula Urbis, Lisboa, Portugal

2010 - Fàbrica Braço de Prata, Lisboa, Portugal

2009 - Casa de Angola, Lisboa


2006 -Wab Lounge, Le Havre, France

2005/2006 -AAA Gallery, Rouen, France

2004 -Gallery "Le Salon de Thorigny", Paris

2002 -Gallery "Le Salon de Thorigny", Paris

2001 -Gallery " Le Salon de Thorigny", Paris

2000 -Gallery " Le salon de Thorigny", Paris

1999 -Gallery "Le salon de Thorigny", Paris

       -Pompidou center, Paris (electronic music festival)       

1998/1997 -Gallery "Le Salon de Thorigny", Paris

1995 -Pavillon des Arts, Pau

        -Gallery "Le Salon de Thorigny", Paris

        -Galerie Hue, Rouen

1994 -Gallery "Le Salon de Thorigny, Paris

1993/1991 -Galerie Est, Paris

              -Lane Gallery, Key West, Florida

1990 -Banana Café, Paris

       - Lane Gallery, Key West

       - Galerie Est, Paris

1989/1987 -Lane Gallery, Key West

               -Galerie Est, Paris

1986 -Fred Gros Gallery, Key West

        -Galerie Est, Paris

1985 -Live Oak Gallery, Lafayette, Louisiana

        -Contemporary Arts Center, Orléans

1984 - Pavillon des Arts, Pau

1983 - Galerie “Vive La Peinture”, Paris

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